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Sheath/Column Floor-length Sleeveless Prom Dresses #GK010

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Formal Dresses

Receiving time (Time needed for your order to be received successfully since you made the order) = Tailoring time (around 15-22 Calendar days) +shipping time (around 2-10 Calendar days)

Wedding Dresses

Receiving time (Time needed for your order to be received successfully since you made the order) = Tailoring time (around 16-22 Calendar days) +shipping time (around 2-10 Calendar days)
We ship to over 200 countries worldwide.
Tailoring Time: 14-18 Calendar Days.
Shipping Time: 2-8 Calendar days.
Dress Size Chart
UK Size 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
US Size 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16
Europe Size 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46
inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
Bust 32.5 83 33.5 84 34.5 88 35.5 90 36.5 93 38 97 39.5 100 41 104
Waist 25.5 65 26.5 68 27.5 70 28.5 72 29.5 75 31 79 32.5 83 34 86
Hips 35.75 91 36.75 92 37.75 96 38.75 98 39.75 101 41.25 105 42.75 109 44.25 112
Hollow to Floor 58 147 58 147 59 150 59 150 60 152 60 152 61 155 61 155
Plus Size Dress Size Chart
Plus Size UK Size 18W 20W 22 24 26 28 30
US Size 14W 16W 18W 20W 22W 24W 26W
Europe Size 44W 46W 48 50 52 54 56
inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
Bust 41 104 43 109 45 114 47 119 49 124 51 130 53 135
Waist 34 86 36.25 92 38.5 98 40.75 104 43 109 45.25 115 47.5 121
Hips 43.5 110 45.5 116 47.5 121 49.5 126 51.5 131 53.5 136 55.5 141
Hollow to Floor 61 155 61 155 61 155 61 155 61 155 61 155 61 155
Flower Girl Dress Size Chart
Size Bust Waist Hips Hollow to Floor
inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
Child 2 21 53 20 51 20 51 33 84
Child 3 22 56 21 53 21 53 35 89
Child 4 23 58 22 56 22 56 38 97
Child 5 24 61 23 58 23 58 40 102
Child 6 25 64 24 61 25 64 41 104
Child 7 26 66 25 65 26 66 42 107
Child 8 27 69 26 66 27 69 43 109
Child 9 28 71 27 69 29 74 44 112
Child 10 29 74 28 71 31 79 47 119
Child 11 30.5 77 29 74 33 84 48 122
Child 12 32 81 30 76 34 86 50 127
Child 13 33 84 31 79 34.5 88 51 130
Child 14 34 86 32 81 35 89 52 132

Mini Jacket/Wrap Size Chart
Size UK 6 UK 8 UK 10 UK 12 UK 14 UK 16 UK 18 UK 20
32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46
2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16
? inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
Bust 32? 83 33? 85 34? 88 35? 90 36? 93 38 97 39? 100 41 104
Shoulder to bust 9? 24? 10 25 10 25? 10? 26 10? 26? 10? 27 11 27? 11 28
Shoulder to waist 15? 40 16? 41 16? 42 17 43 17? 44 17? 45 18? 46 18? 47
Bust point to bust point 7 17? 7 18 7? 18? 7? 19 7? 19? 8 20 8 20? 8? 21
Shoulder 14? 37 15 38 15 38 15? 39 15? 40 16? 41 16? 42 17 43
Armhole 15 38 15? 39 16 40? 16? 41? 16? 42? 17? 44 18 45? 18? 47
Sleeve Length 18 45? 18 45? 18 45? 18 45? 18 45? 18 45? 18 45? 18 45?

Mini Jacket/Wrap Size Chart
Size UK 22 UK 24 UK 26 UK 28 UK 30 UK 32
48 50 52 54 56 58
16W 18W 20W 22W 24W 26W
? inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm
Bust 43 109 45 114 47 119 49 124 51 130 53 135
Shoulder to bust 11? 29 11? 29? 12 30 12? 31 12? 31 12? 31?
Shoulder to waist 19? 49 19? 50 20 51 20? 52 21 53? 21? 54?
Bust point to bust point 8? 22 9 22? 9 23 9? 23? 10? 26 10? 27
Shoulder 17? 45 18? 46 18? 47 19 48 19 48 19? 49
Armhole 19? 49 20? 52 20? 52? 21? 54? 20? 52? 21? 54?
Sleeve Length 18 45? 18? 47 19 48? 19 48? 19? 49 19? 49?
It is highly recommend that you get a qualified seamstress to measure your dress size as possible as you can. You'd better get someone else to measure for you because of the inaccuracy of self-measuring. Measuring method with undergarments is similar to those you will wear with your dress. According to the different dress style,approx.8cm-13cm (3.15inch-5.12inch) additional length will be reserved for making a good fit dress for you.please keep in mind do not measure over other clothin

Color chart for all dresses at 1dress.co.uk

Considering the difference of lighting and the display of monitor, the color you see from computer may be kind of different from that of the item you received. The actual color should be the color of item you received.





Elastic Woven Satin




Matte Satin


Silk Like Satin




Measuring Guide

A perfect-fitting dress starts with perfect measurements. Before ordering a made-to-measure dress from 1dress.co.uk, we strongly encourage finding a professional local tailor who can help you measure accurately. Here, we'll show you which measurements are needed and how to correctly take them. Warning: measuring yourself at home is trickier than you think! For best results, always have your measurements taken by a professional local tailor.

Returning For Replacement or Refund

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Upon the arrival of your package, we encourage you to check and make sure that the dress has been made to your order specifications. Try on your dress as soon as possible without removing the tags, altering, or washing the dress.

If you are returning or exchanging dresses or accessories, please make sure they are in their original condition - unworn, unwashed, unaltered, undamaged, clean, free of lint and hair and with tags intact and attached.

For an ordinary size item-If there is a quality problem and you want to apply for a refund, please upload some persuasive pictures or video, once it is verified, you can send the item back to us (customer commits the shipping cost), and we will give you a full refund of the item.

For a custom made item-If there is a quality problem and you want to apply for a refund, please upload some persuasive pictures or video, once it is verified, you can send the item back to us (customer commits the shipping cost), and we will give you a full refund of the item.


1dress.co.uk is the world's leading wedding and formal dress supplier, with a great reputation for providing perfect dresses for any occasion. We have made tons of dresses for women and girls worldwide, and more and more customers are now choosing us as the place to shop for their big days and events!

Custom Tailored

All wedding and formal dresses are customizable, though we also offer a range of sizes from 2-26W. Wedding dresses can be tailored in ivory, white, champagne, and pink, while there are also several color options for formal dresses.

The Best Price

1dress.co.uk's prices are a lot lower than retail prices due to our efficiency and lowered operational expenditure form having main operations in China. Our price vary from US$100-US$800 for some of the highest quality dresses found online.

Fine Quality

1dress.co.uk hires only the best dressmakers and experienced designers in china, who use the finest production techniques to create your dress.

Excellent Customer Service

We have great customer service staff, available for help 24/7.

Happy Customers

We have made many of our customers'day, providing amazing dresses for their weddings and events.

How long should I order in advance?

It cost about 20 days for us to make and ship the dresses you ordered on 1dress.co.uk, so please kindly make an order about 20 days in advance to make sure receiving them in time.

Will the dress be made to allow further alterations?

Yes, of course, the tailor will made enough room for adjustment at the seam.You can also ask for a specify way for adjustment,for example, straps style back instead of the zipper on the back.

On what condition I can return a dress?

We do not support returning the dress unless we did not make the dress according to your measurements.
Our customer service team will send you a confirmation email after your order to confirm the informations including the measurements.

How Do You Sell Dresses at Such Low Prices?

1dress.co.uk is able to offer its dresses online 50% - 80% off retail prices for 2 key reasons.
1. We operate with lower overheads than a local retail store. We do not need to rent the store and employ sales staff or an alterations department.
2. Our dresses come from the manufacturers that we cooperate with. We do not use third party sources.

How about the Quality of your Dresses?

1dress.co.uk is the world's leading online wedding apparel website. We provide complete one-stop shopping for all brides, bridesmaids and all special occasion events.
1dress.co.uk inspects every gown and guarantees the condition. High quality, best price, and 100% satisfaction is our goal.

What materials do you usually use on your wedding dress products?

Chiffon: Delicate, sheer, and transparent -- made from silk or rayon, with a soft finish; often layered because of its transparency, making it popular for overskirts, sheer sleeves, and wraps.
Organza: Crisp and sheer like chiffon, with a stiffer texture similar in effect to tulle, but more flowing; popular for skirts, sleeves, backs, and overlays.
Satin: A heavy, smooth fabric with a high sheen on one side; very common in bridal gowns.
Silk: The most sought-after, cherished fiber for wedding dresses (and also the most expensive).
Silk-Like Satin: A smooth silk satin, with a glossy front and matte back.
Taffeta: Crisp and smooth, with a slight rib.
Tulle: Netting made of silk, nylon, or rayon; used primarily for skirts and veils (think ballerina tutus).

How do I decide what size to order?

You can choose a standard size or give us your custom measurements. Please view our Size Chart>> Prior to selecting your size to order, we suggest reviewing the information provided in Measuring Guide Even if there is some fluctuation in the size you need, all our dresses are made with a margin for modification or alteration. The modification or alteration can be made by your local tailor.

What modifications and alterations are normally done to a dress to make it fit?

A number of alterations can be made:
1) Side seams and Back Seams - The side seams and back seam in the torso can be taken in or let out to make a wedding dress fit a bride. This is true even for gowns ordered to size. Wedding gowns are usually made to allow the side seams to be let out up to 3 inches or 1-2 sizes*.
Additionally, the back seam often can be let out slightly to size up further.
*Depending on the gown
2) Shoulders - It is also common for shoulder seams to be taken in to bring up a gown.
3) Hem - The length of a dress can be shortened only and is affected by the height of the shoe you are planning to wear. Some gowns can only be shortened from the waist. Other gowns can only be shortened by taking up the hemline.
4) Bustle - The bustle is a way to hook the train up in the back so that the dress can be worn comfortably after the ceremony. Bustling a dress is part of the alterations for any gown that has an attached train.

How much will alterations cost?

Obviously, a number of factors go into the overall cost of alterations. Depending on the city you live, your seamstress, and the designer and details of your gown. Then if you want to change the style of it in some way, that may also increase the cost of your alteration. We have included below some guidelines to give you an idea of how much seamstresses generally charge for each type of alteration.
Hem (alters length) $75.00 and up
Side Seams/backseams: (alters fit of bodice) $45.00 and up
Shoulders: (raises gown up) $25.00 and up
Sleeves: (to alter length) $35.00 and up
Sleeves: (to change style) $40.00 and up
Bustle: (keeps train up for ceremony) $85.00 and up. The style of bustle will vary depending on the length of the train, the silhouette of the gown, and the fabric. Your seamstress will help you decide which bustle is best for your dress.
Bra Cups: $25.00 and up

Will I be required to pay import duty by my country's Custom House?

Based on our past experiences, most of the countries do not charge import duty on low volume personal imports.

What is the delivery time for orders?

It will take 15-17 working days to tailor your wedding dresses and 12-15 days for formal dresses by the professional dressmaker. Also it will take about 3-8 working days for the package to travel from our facilities to your destination, the exact shipping time is based on the shipping company (UPS, DHL, TNT, etc) standard.

What countries do you deliver to?

We deliver to anywhere in the world.

What is a Fast Track order?

Delivery for Fast Track orders is approximately 2-3 weeks dependent upon the manufacturer's schedule. The fee for the Fast Track service is dependent on the designer and will be displayed on the product page and will be added to your total price. Fast Track service is not available for all dresses.

When should I order?

It cost about 30 days for us to make and ship the dresses you ordered on 1dress.co.uk, so please kindly make an order about 30 days in advance to make sure receiving them in time. Please place your order as far as in advance of your wedding date as possible. By doing so, you will allow ample time for production and shipping. It also affords you a comfortable time frame to accommodate any alterations if necessary

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment either by Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union or direct wire transfer.

What about pressing?

Pressing for any gown is done after alterations and a few days before your wedding. It can be done either by your seamstress or a dry cleaner. Be sure to ask your seamstress whether they will be pressing the gown. There usually is an additional charge for this service other than your alteration cost. If the wedding will be in another state/country than that of where the alterations are being done you will need to find someone else to press your gown. The pressing should be done as close to the wedding date and the wedding site as possible. Be sure to find out in advance how much time they will need to press the gown. Some places will require the gown 72 hours before the wedding.

Are these used dresses?

All gowns and products we offer are new and direct from the designer. We do not accept or offer resale items.

How do I contact Customer Service?

We always have someone on hand to answer your questions: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We believe in the timeliness of customer service, and will do everything possible to satisfy our customers. If you have any problems, comments, or suggestions, please contact our customer service representatives>>.

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NIce dress!!! I will buy dress from there again!

Review by Mary

The dress is beautiful! The quality is very good! It fit nicely!

Review by Emma

this dress is perfect for me. the dress is just like it look like.

Review by Fay

I love this dress, it fits perfectly and the shipping was super fast.

Review by Eunice

I was pleased with the dress. The quality of the fabric was what seemed to be shown online. Thank you!

Review by Amy

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